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Tilting Rotary with SWIVEL Base

ALCOA Grants contract for "SuperMelt" Rotary Furnace
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                                                                                           Boring Dryer/Chip Systems

                    Mansell and Associates designs, fabricates, and
                    installs Boring Dryer Systems using the latest technology
                   to process oily turnings with the lowest cost per
                    pound recovered using heat  thru the afterburner.
                    Computer controlled weighing system for tolling,
                    using storage bins with scales for inventory control.  

                                                                                                                               Sizes available to process any quantity customer

        System shown dries 8,000 lbs. an hour of 2% oil/solvent


                                           Ring Mill                                                      Weight Hoppers                Provides controlled feed into Mill Ring



                 PLC/Operator Controls                    Motor Control Panel                        Loading of Chips                              Storage Hopper                        


                       See Articles on the Patented "SuperMelt" Rotary Furnace with SWIVEL Base
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