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                                                                                          Tilting Rotary with SWIVEL Base

                                                      ALCOA Grants  contract for "SuperMelt" Rotary Furnace
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                                                                                             Molten Metal Transfer Crucibles

            We offer Lease Agreemnts on Crucibles. We can
            also provide leasing on a turn-key system that furnishes
            crucibles, trucks, trailers, and drivers.

We engineer and fabricate crucibles for the transfer of
            molten metal over the road to meet customer requirements.
            Our design requires the crucible to be removed from the
             trailer only for cleaning.
            We also offer preheat and cleaning stations as well as
                                                                       metal filling and unloading stations., and tilters.

                 30,000 lb. aluminum capacity                  
                  crucible during manufacture                         
   Tap blocks are placed to allow tapping of metal from either
     side of crucible to eliminate the need to rotate for location

                                                                              of different furnaces.


                  Crucibles are fabricated in accordance with  AISE and
               ASME boiler and pressure codes.
               All welds  are in accordance with the latest AWSD1.1
                specifications using E7018 wire and are ultrasonic, magnetic
               particle or dye penetrant inspected in accordance with ASME 
               Boiler and Pressure Vessel Codes.
               Crucibles are manufactured using ¼" plate, grade 515-65
               pressure vessel quality in sidewalls with reinforcing bands
               around the perimeter.
                                                                                         Refractory lining is 5" thick light weight castable capable of
                                                                                         3000° F. Heat loss ia approx. 45.5° an hour.                        
                Four locking lug plates are used to support crucibles and
              lock onto lugs provided on trailer, as used on cargo containers
              for oversea transport, for added protection from tipping.

              Lids are bolted and sealed to crucible using ASTM A-325
              structural steel bolts, nuts, and washers.
              Crucibles and stations can be engineered and manufactured
              to meet customer requirements.

                4,000 lb. Aluminum Capacity Crucible



                                              3,000 lb. Aluminum Capacity, with pour spout and PreHeater.


                                                 12,000 lb. Hot Metal Transfer Crucibles with Spout

                                     12,000 lb. Aluminum Capacity Crucibles with Pour Spout and Preheaters


                                    Mansell and Associates manufactured trailer and Hot Metal Transfer Crucible




                                                      Tilter for 20,000 lb. Aluminum capacity Crucibles 


                                                                        30,000 lb. Crucibles        




                                        Craneway for transport of crucibles manufactured and installed
                                                                     by Mansell and Associates


                             Crucible Preheat Station                                    


                                                                Crucible Cleaning Station under Installation

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