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                           ALCOA Grants  contract for Patented "SuperMelt" Rotary Furnace
                                           on Swivel Base (Click Here for PRESS RELEASE)

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                 We currently have several Refurbished Rotary Furnaces- See our "Used Equipment" page

                                                                                                 Rotary Furnace "FAT BOY" Package Unit
         A simple solution to your melting requirements,
         the "FAT BOY" tilting rotary furnace is a
         complete packaged unit ready to hook-up
         and put to work, "Plug and Play".
         These units are very user friendly, and simple
         to operate.
         Maintenance can be performed by plant
         maintenance personnel.  Parts are "off the
         shelf" stock items with no long lead times.
         The  unit is capable of melting aluminum,
         zinc, lead, brass, copper, gold, silver, etc.

         Installation costs are minimal .
         Set on Concrete, gravel, dirt, etc.

                      Tilting Rotary Furnace "FatBoy" Package Unit                       Set Unit, Hook up electric and gas, and Go!
                                Unit #21 with 21 cu.ft. capacity                                       Units are shipped in one piece.

                                                                                                                           A burner package unit is used .
      Unit capacity can be manufactured to meet                             
       customer requirements. Any size available.
        An afterburner can be used on smaller units
        to meet EPA requirements rather than a


*****Check Out Our "Used Equipment Page"
               We currently have a "FatBoy" Unit 32


                        "Little Girl" Package Rotary Unit #15- 15 cu. ft. capacity

 Click on Image to View Video on         




      Unit #21 with 2M BTU  Burner Package                                            


       Unit #10 with Hood containing Afterburner and Charge Machine  


Unit #21 during Installation (Customer made hood)...

     Click on Image to

        view VIDEO

(apprx. load time- 2 min.)

                                                                    ...... and "Test" Pour- Zinc



             "FatBoy" Unit 32- 32 cu. ft. capacity


                                    "FatBoy" Unit 32 with Hood and Afterburner


Unit #32- 32 cubic ft. capacity                                                Unit #32 in "Tilt" position



                                                    Unit #32 Control Panel                                       Unit #32- 5M BTU  Burner Package                                     



                         "FatBoy" Rotary Package Unit #75 during manufacturing and Installation with Hood- 75 cubic ft. capacity


    Click on Image to

      view VIDEO

 (apprx. load time 2 min)

                                                                             "FatBoy" Unit #75 during Installation
                                                                       and "Test" pour- Aluminum



                                                                         "FatBoy" Rotary Packge Unit #10  Pouring Aluminum



                                                Patented Barrel design "Angle of Repose"       Irony Scrap processed over Screen
                                                  allows molten metal to be poured while
                                                                retaining iron and slag


                                                       "FatBoy" Units are Manufactured to meet Customer Requirements

                                                                      Unit Capacities by Pounds
21 21 3,250 15,900 12,110 9,370 9,550 25,320 13,800 11,675
32 32 5,000 23,045 17,600 14,275 14,550 38,580 21,030 17,800
40 40 6,200 28,380 22,000 17,850 18,200 48,225 26,300 22,240
50 50 7,750
35,480 27,520 22,300 22,740 60,280 32,855 27,800
60 60 9,300
42,570 33,025 26,770 27,300 72,340 39,425 33,360
75 75 11,600 53,200 41,300 33,460 34,100 90,420 49,285 41,700


                                                   "FatBoy" Rotary Package Units are shipped in one piece for ease of installation


                                   See Articles On Our Patented "SuperMelt" Rotary Furnace with SWIVEL Base

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