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        Manufacturer of the Patented "SuperMelt" Rotary Furnace
                           Tilting Rotary with SWIVEL Base

   ALCOA Grants  contract for "SuperMelt" Rotary Furnace
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                                                                                      INGOT CASTERS / CONVEYORS                                                                                                                         
                                                                           Mansell and Associates designs, fabricates, and installs Ingot
                                                                           Casters and Conveyors to meet customer requirements.



                                                                                             50 ft. Ingot Conveyor of Our design    




                                                                                   50 ft. Ingot Conveyor of  Our design under Fabrication


                              30 lb. aluminum Ingot Conveyor during construction                                        28 lb. Zinc Ingot Caster                                                      

Ingot Casters/Conveyors for Aluminum, Zinc, or Lead, etc.

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