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                               ALCOA Grants Contract for "SuperMelt" Rotary Furnace
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                                                            of this Information is A VIOLATION OF FEDERAL LAW

  We currently have several Used and Refurbished Rotary Furnaces- See our "Used Equipment" Page

Rotary Furnace

               with SWIVEL Base- PATENT No. 6676888
            We have developed and patented the "SuperMelt" rotary 
            furnace system which incorporates our proven design of a Rotary /
            sweat furnace that will melt any  type of scrap or dross and seperate
            the molten metal from solids or salt.                     
           This Rotary furnace is mounted on a tilting frame with a SWIVEL BASE
that allows the furnace to swivel 350 degrees around the perimeter
            of the base
to pour to various locations to reduce cycle time up to 35%.
            These Furnaces are designed for a Twenty year life span, built
            very heavy duty, and require very little maintenance.

                                                                                                             Rotary Furnace on SWIVEL Base                       SWEATMODE will process 6,000 lb. batches of irony scrap  
                                                                                                                "SuperMelt" Rotary Furnace                              per hr. using a 20,000 lb. rotary and keep iron contamination             
                                                                                                          Alcoa- 60,000 lb. aluminum capacity                       at a minimum.     
                ELIMINATES disassembly by hand, scrap goes directly into furnace

               REDUCES cycle time up to 35% by transferring molten metal directly 
               to a Reverb holder while reducing melt loss, energy consumption, flux usage,
               and labor.
               ACHIEVES  60% recovery on a 100,000 lb. run of irony material straight
               from the scrap yard.

                                                                                                              Rotary Furnace- "SuperMelt"                             CAPABILITIES include monitoring of all phases of the operation to       
                                                                                                                       on SWIVEL Base                                     determine melt loss, BTU per lb., analysis, lbs. per hr, all conversion 
                                                                                                                25,000 lb. aluminum capacity                           costs, etc.
     TYPES of Scrap melted are aluminum, lead, zinc, copper in solids, sows,       
UBC, dross, shredded, whole engine blocks, irony breakage of all types, etc.
     FIRED WITH natural gas, propane, waste oil, diesel, or oxygen combo

     To Improve Your Conversion Costs the "SuperMelt" System allows
      melting a wider variety of scrap while eliminating prior processing.                     

Patented Barrel design allows for                                   
                                                                                                              precise control over pouring


     **** We currently have a NEW "SuperMelt" Rotary Furnace on swivel base
              completed and ready to ship at a HUGE DISCOUNTED PRICE!

              This unit has 21 cu. ft. molten material capacity, max. 10,000 lbs. load

              "SuperMelt" has Swivel Base to allow the furnace to swivel around the
               perimeter of the furnace base.


                                                                                                 NEW "SuperMelt" Rotary Furnace on Swivel Base
                                                                              complete and ready to ship at HUGE Discounted Price


                                                                                                 "SuperMelt"  Rotary Furnace Unit No. 75, 75 cu. ft. capacity,
                                                                              built Extra Heavy Duty to Process Lead, with Swivel Base and
                                                                              Stationary Door.




                                                                                                        Rotary Furnace "SuperMelt" on Swivel Base- 25,000 lb.                      Rotary Furnace "SuperMelt" has a custom made  round Hood
                                                                                                               aluminum capacity during installation                                               that encircles the rotary to capture smoke and




                                                                                                            Rotary Furnace "SuperMelt" with "Pusher" Charge Machine                   Rotary Furnace "SuperMelt" 25,000 lb. capacity  with Burner Fired ........



                                                                                                                                                             and Pouring Molten Aluminum. Our Patented Barrel design
                                                                                                                                                             allows for "Angle of Repose". Dross remains in barrel and
                                                                                                                                                             molten metal is poured off. Eliminates  forks, rakes, or
                                                                                                                                                             hold-back  arms to pour. This feature reduces processing time
                                                                                                                                                             and increases safety measures.



                                                                                                  "FatBoy" Package Rotary Furnace Unit No. 32 on Swivel Base.......                                                           and with hood  


VIEW VIDEO- Click on Image

                                                                                                                                                                   "SuperMelt" Rotary with Tilting Frame and SWIVEL Base
                                                                                                                                                                                        60,000 lb. aluminum capacity

                                        25,000 lb. Aluminum capacity "SuperMelt" rotary furnace during installation.........

                   The "SuperMelt" rotary swiveled         then swivels to pour to holding        then swivels around to empty dross       
                   to pour to sows ............                     furnace ..............



              25,000 lb. aluminum capacity "SuperMelt" during                   SuperMelt Rotary Furnace pours to Sows, then
            installation w/Holding Furnace. Plant commissioned as                   swivels left to pour to holding Furnace
                    Brownfield Project- All equipment by M &A         



                                                                                        Our Rotary Furnaces are shipped  in
                                                                    two sections for ease of field installation  

                                                                                                        See Articles on the Patented "SuperMelt" Rotary Furnace

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